Amcrest is proud to offer home security cameras and business security cameras for anyone that feels they are in need of an extra level of safety. Modern times are unpredictable, and you never know when someone would come into your home and steal items from the area. Some might even enter the home and cause harm to your family, which is one of the things homeowners fear. Why would anyone ever leave something like that up to chance? Don’t give anyone the opportunity to enter your home uninvited, without you knowing beforehand.


The same goes for your business. That is a place you have been dreaming of and planning for years, so shouldn't you do the most to protect it? If your business is harmed, so are you and your family. Small business owners work hard at getting their business off the ground, and one case of breaking and entering could set them back quite a bit. Those same small business owners probably can’t afford to spend a lot of money on the installation of security systems from security companies. With monthly subscriptions, installation fees, and even the chance of portions of your home becoming damaged from the wiring needed for the cameras to work, it almost doesn't seem worth all the trouble.


Security Cameras For Home


When purchasing security systems from Amcrest, you can by a single camera with wireless capabilities. They can monitor the inside and outside of your home with 1080p HD quality at 30 frames per second. There is also the choice of buying a packaged deal with multiple cameras available. The cameras from Amcrest are waterproof and will stand tall against the worst weather conditions, so you can place them all throughout the home, and they will monitor through the roughest of storms. Each camera comes equipped with a micro-SD slot that will add space for your camera to store screenshots and footage of events occurring while monitoring. There is also up to four hours of space available in the cloud if you would rather sort through the footage and review it later.


Security Cameras For Business


As mentioned before, there are multiple camera deals available for those in need of larger amounts of surveillance. The amount of cameras purchased changes how much space on the hard drive you will receive. The hard drive provided will either be one or two TB’s and can store hours or days worth of footage for you to look through with our DVR timeline playback feature. This playback lets you seamlessly go through and keep clips or delete any footage you no longer need. This will clear up space for future footage. The cameras also come with motion detection technology that will move to any location with activity and take a screen shot of it. You will be aware of anyone that has been suspiciously watching your place of business and be prepared for anything that might occur.


With our cameras helping you with security issues, you can rest easier knowing you’ll know of anything that will happen ahead of time.