With a larger home or place of business, there is more area in need of surveillance. With that being said, there are multiple options out there available for homeowners and entrepreneurs. Multiple security system companies will go to the place in need of safety, walk around and do the installation. Unfortunately, they walk around and drill holes, run wires, and make a mess. The entire process can take up quite some time, as well as money. After the installation has taken place, the fee has been collected, and the monthly subscription has been put in place, you have ended up spending a lot of money putting the safety of you and your well being into the hands of someone else.


Shouldn’t you have the option to protect you, your family, or your business? Well, with Amcrest WiFi security camera systems, that’s exactly what you can do. With an easy installation that doesn’t require any difficult wiring, you can place the cameras wherever you’d like and set up the streaming of footage yourself. Thank the WiFi camera systems for making it easy to keep an eye on what matter to you most. The footage captured from the bullet, or dome cameras will be streamed from up to 984 ft. in 1080p HD quality (Amcrest).


The last thing you want is fuzzy imaging, as well as imagine that will reduce the latency, thanks to the clear connection through WiFi. If the system is to look at what’s going on outside of the area, they will withstand rain and snow. They are waterproof and resistant to harsh weather conditions, so they’ll be monitoring it all. If weather causes things to get darker, or if it is simply after dark, the night vision capabilities of the cameras will kick in and clear things up. If any activity is picked up, day or night, the motion detection will snap to the area and take a screenshot.


You can then later view it through the collection of information stored on the hard drive. Hard drive sizes depend on the package you purchase. If you buy four security cameras, they will come with a one TB hard drive. If eight cameras are purchased, they come with a two TB hard drive that will store days worth of information and footage for you to go back and review. Reviewing the footage is easy through the DVR timeline playback feature that comes with our WiFi camera systems.


You can connect the stream to display on a monitor, or you can access the footage through an app on your phone. Keep an eye and monitoring everything has never been easier, so give your home or business the level of security they deserve. There is no need to take the difficult route and have a messy installation. WiFi security systems take the best of modern technology and apply it to a form of security and protection. This product is for anyone and everyone, so do yourself a favor and take steps to install yours today.