Safety for you and your family is crucial, and everyone should take it seriously. A family protects each other as best as they can. It’s normal for us to want to protect our loved ones, but no one should have to spend a large sum of money on a security system. After installation, the technician has to spend a significant portion of time wiring the whole system together, which looks insanely complicated. After the placement of the cameras is complete, monitors streaming footage from each camera will need to be installed.


Security system companies expect you to trust them entirely and send a stranger over to work on making your home safer for you and your family. Still, having a group of strangers work on keeping you safe at all times is a strange feeling for some out there.


The Best In The Market


What if there was an affordable and extremely efficient way to set some protection in the form of WiFi security cameras? The quality in Amcrest security cameras are thanks to their WiFi security cameras. No need to fumble around with wiring! Just set up the equipment and give it a whirl.


The WiFi security cameras available for purchase to our customers are long distance transmitting (984ft), waterproof cameras that come with LED night vision tech. No matter the weather, the cameras will stand firm. Both cameras have micro-SD card slots to give more space for storage when monitoring. Motion detecting technology is added during installation for extra security measures. The motion sensors can take screenshots of the footage that will be stored on the micro-SD.You can expect the cameras to stream at a 720p HD quality.


If you decide to purchase the 7-inch WiFi security camera, you can also choose to buy the package that comes with a 7-inch WiFi touch screen tablet. This tablet comes preinstalled with an app that will let you see the footage from the WiFi cameras, for only $219.99.The monitor is easy to get used to, and your children will be able to use it just as well as you can. You can keep an eye out on all corners of the house by being able to see through four monitors at once.Whenever you’d like to check in with your loved ones, your office, or your home, just to see if it’s safe, the ability to do so is right in front of you.You can choose to use the monitor as the primary way to check the WiFi security cameras, but you can also watch it on almost any Apple or Android phone or tablet, Macbook, or PC.


Take charge of the safety of your home. It’s about time that homeowners start making their homes safe again and doing it on their own!It should be as simple as installing the equipment and setting up the proper programs/applications to use it. Peace of mind is what you’ll get by using Amcrest WiFi security cameras. Use this advanced technology to be a form of armor against any harm to your home.