When protecting a home, no expense should be spared. Most would agree the importance of value, so you should never leave them feeling unprotected. Fear and worry runs through the mind of all homeowners, no matter the neighborhood. So, each household should have affordable and efficient security systems available to them.


The same goes for an area of business, especially if it’s your own. Why would anyone leave their dream and form of income unprotected and exposed for thieves to come and destroy. As much as everyone would love to give people the benefit of the doubt, there are still some out there that wish to cause harm. Protect your family and you livelihood from these people by looking into wireless security camera systems.


Wireless Camera Systems


When people think of security systems, a vision of what they look like in the movies might pop up into your head. Multiple cameras with running wires throughout the building and a guard watching multiple monitors are famous in such films. When purchasing a wireless home security system, there is no need to worry about installation involving wires.


The entire system is wireless and fairly easy to install on your own. Available in dome or bullet styles, these cameras will come in packaged deals of either four or eight cameras. These will stream in 1080p at 30 frames per second. The range of the wireless camera systems reaches up to a 984 ft. range. That is plenty of room for you to move around and place them wherever you’d like. No need to worry about latency issues or having cloudy or unclear images during the night. The wireless camera systems come with night vision technology that will clear things up in the darkest parts of the home.


The camera also comes with motion detection technology that will capture any activity worth noting and take a screenshot of it. This screenshot will be stored in its 1 or 2TB harddrive. The system also comes with a DVR timeline playback option, meaning you can go back through previously filmed footage and review it. This playback option doesn’t require any large software downloads or the need to set up any complicated network settings. If the cameras are placed outside of the home or place of business, they will also capture any activity during night fairly quickly. The wireless camera systems come with waterproof cameras, which will keep monitoring through almost any thing mother nature will throw at them.


Allow at Amcrest to help you protect what matters most. With our 30-day money back guarantee, we are positive that you will feel protected and secure using our wireless security camera for your home or business. If you have any questions after installation, there are friendly and supportive technical support representatives waiting to help you fix your problem. The installation of our products will give you a better nights rest, knowing that things are taken care of, and any intruders will be caught before they can become a danger to you.